Heather is redefining how people secure opportunities...  

Your resume can only get you so far.  Although a necessary evil, resumes can leave a person with a false sense of confidence that creates laziness and complacency through your job search.  It takes more than a good resume and a fancy degree from a reputable university to secure a phenomenal job or career.  Yet people still trust the old "submit and sit" method.  If you find yourself still waiting for that perfect job to find you, than you will be waiting for a long time.  

As a career coach, Heather focuses specifically on outcomes.  She believes if you are clear on the outcome you want to produce, you have the ability to secure any job you want. By understanding your current thoughts, she pinpoints the actions you need to take to get the job.  It takes 2 things to get the job: being memorable and intellectually enthusiastic.  Putting over 400+ individuals to work with her proven P.O.A methodology, Heather's direct and proactive career coaching style enables you to hear back from potential employers within 24-72 hours, increase your phone screen to on-site interview ratio by 50%, and (if desired) increase your salary by a minimum of 10%.  Stop diving into the black hole of internet application submitting and take control of your career outcome.    

Heather knows how employers think.  She knows what they want to hear and what you need to understand in order to become memorable.  You are being hired to resolve a problem or to fill a gap.  To fill that gap, you must understand both the pain point of the company and how you are the solution to the employer's need.



  • Salary negotiations 
  • Strategic softening and how it could be ruining your reputation and work and self esteem 
  • How to manage your perception 
  • How to dominate "hard to have conversations" 
  • The art of the interview: what the process is and how to play to your strengths 
  • Professional portfolio development: this includes social media support and resume review 
  • Identifying your transferrable skills and professional values 
  • Coaching to craft strong responses for behavioral interview questions
  • Mock interviews