Who is Heather Yerrid?

"A luminous, charismatic speaker with the uncanny ability to connect people to the truth of their own hearts..."  

She's got the training.  She's got the certification.  She's got the corporate leadership experience under her belt but most importantly, she has the life experience to focus your energy on the outcome you want to achieve.  

Heather believes it takes pain to understand the pleasurable side of life and has had her fair share of both.  In a society where we are raised to focus on success, she will teach you the power of living selfcess.  Selfcess is attaining success and stability by your own efforts on your own terms.  

Today, we are convinced we must chase, rope in, and brand your desires for dear life, Heather's transformative coaching capabilities will free you from being a slave to what you think you should hold on to most by empowering you to believe in your self and the outcome you want to produce in life.

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